Welcome to the Academies of Mobile County Public Schools


 Preparing Students to be College- and Career- ready


The Academies of Mobile County Public Schools are small learning communities that afford students in 10th-12th grade the opportunity to participate in real-world hands-on assignments connected to a specific career theme.  The Academies offer students college and career ready opportunities such as paid and unpaid internships, job shadowing, workplace tours, worksite training, business mentors, etc.


Academies of Mobile

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The Signature Academies of Mobile offer:

  • Rigor: Students form in-depth understanding of required core academic courses, electives, and unique academy courses that prepare them to be college and career ready.
  • Relevance: Teaches at our high schools incorporate real-world experiences into core courses.  The Signature Academies of Mobile work to ensure all students participate in experiential learning activities at every school.  These experiences are designed to provide students exposure to career opportunities and help narrow their post secondary focus. 
  • Relationships: Students enrolled in the Signature Academies of Mobile share smaller, more personalized learning communities with peers who share common interests.  Through the academies teachers and academy specialists work together to help students build relationships with business and industry in their field of interests.


Students deserve every opportunity to explore their area of interest.  The Signature Academies of Mobile students experience:

  • College and Career Fairs:  Students have the opportunity to attend college/career fairs and talk to industry professionals in their area of interest.  
  • Industry Field Trips:  Students in the academies attend field trips to companies that specialize in their area of interest.  Through these real-world opportunities, students are able to confirm or reevaluate their choice of academies.
  • Internships:  Junior-level students have the opportunity to participate in hands-on educational opportunities where they can see the importance of what they are learning in their academy courses and apply it first -hand.  The internships offer students the opportunity to form connections with business and industry professional.  


The Academy Specialist place high value in hands- on opportunities.  These opportunities can help students make informed career choices.  Opportunities to learn about the academies include:

  • Academy Showcase:  One stop shop where students can explore what each high school academy has to offer in order to decide which school is right for them.



We pride ourselves on the academies developing well rounded students, academically and socially.  While students are enrolled in their academy, students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities, such as band, chorus, clubs, organizations and athletics.  In addition to students academy courses, students have the opportunity to earn early post-secondary opportunities  through Advanced Placement or Dual Enrollment courses.  We strive to ensure all students earn industry certifications that make them an asset to industry.

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