Summer Internship

MCPSS Summer Internship Business Interest Meeting

Are you interested in hiring high school juniors and seniors for a summer internship, but you were unable to attend the meeting?

Join us virtually on February 1, 2023 at 9:00am to learn more. Or, click the link below to view the recorded Virtual Summer Internship Business Interest Meeting.

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Business Interest Meeting

Do you have a business that could use help during the summer?

Partner with MCPSS's Signature Academy Summer Internship Program.  The program is designed to place rising seniors into internships at companies in fields in which they have an interest.

If you have questions about participating in our summer internship program, contact the Academy Specialist at the appropriate high school.

Summer Internship Guidebook

Signature Academy Summer Internship Program

For more information on our summer internship program, contact Claire Minto at 251-221-4029 or